Where This Blog Comes From

…… And where that might go …


George F. Paik is a former political affairs officer in the U.S. Foreign Service, a twenty-year veteran of U.S. capital markets, and a student of both American history and social theory.  Paik’s diplomatic work straddled the end of the Cold War, with duties including political analysis, human rights, and trade affairs, at postings in Brazil and in Trinidad and Tobago, and in the Department of State in Washington.  In finance, he has served as Head of Loan Capital Markets, Mellon Bank; corporate lending officer, Peoples United Bank; Manager Capital Markets, Bank of Montreal New York; and loan syndicator, Manufacturers Hanover Trust.  His current title is Managing Director at Lord Capital, LLC.  

Throughout his career Paik has promoted international affairs awareness with organizations such as World Affairs Councils, the American Committees on Foreign Relations, and others, including as a board member, writer, and on several occasions as a speaker.  He has been a blogger on foreignpolicyblogs.com for several years and has contributed pieces to intrnationalpolicydigest.org, the World Policy Journal, and other sites.

Paik holds an MBA in Finance from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and a BA in Social Studies from Harvard University.  His undergraduate thesis was titled Elihu Root and the War Department Reforms of 1904: Anatomy of a Progressive Era Reform


1: A book, currently in draft, working title Common Conviction

2: watch this space